About Us
We’re a group of students trying to solve the refund process

Using our card issuing partner’s API, we provide digital and physical credit cards for clubs and university affiliated organizations based in Canada. This is a financial sector that is being largely ignored, and has a high barrier to entry from non students.

We are disrupting the current method for managing finances in these organizations by completely eliminating the reimbursement process and using a centralized platform to make payments and visualize financial standing.
This transforms the reliance on student’s private funds to finance the organization’s expenses into a system that has clear definitions. What sets our company apart is our underwriting process. Since our target clients have a customer behaviour very similar to debit card users, the risk for issuing credit cards with high limits is low. This is due to the fact that the responsible managers for the finances tend to spend less than the total amount held by the organization, resulting in a default rate that is almost negligible.  

Using our web and phone apps, our customers have complete control of their expenses. The person responsible for the finances in an organization has the option to control the types of payments that their card can support. As an example, a club can allow for their card to only be usable for groceries and block all the online payments. Furthermore, our mobile apps will be integrated with mobile wallets, creating an efficient way of delegating expenses with digital cards while keeping a high level of security.

What we are best at

Our Services

We issue cards to remove the hassle from the refund process for clubs. This digitalizes and automated the process. We even have intelligent validation, which prevents the cards from being misused and duplicate charges (even if they are on different cards!)
Hosting an event?
We offer a way to create all your tickets, validate them and offer them digitally or physically for attendees. We even offer intelligent batching for tickets which lets do do early bird pricing, and member specific pricing.
We offer an easy way to manage club finances. See the cash flow in and out of your club and see how profitable your events are year to year.
Membership Fees
Many clubs are open to the public but have membership fees. Allow anybody to join your club online and charge them the membership fee even before they join. You can also disable having fees if you collect them in person, and you can make your club not open to the public.
Social Integration
Our platform allows you to connect it to your social media platform. No need to worry about posting information on every website, and you can even authorize other members to make posts!
Create and send any invoices you have to any businesses you need to bill. Know when they have received your email and know when they have opened your email with tracking features.
Improve your club

Today is the day the enterprise level software become available to you and your club. Optimize your finances and join our platform.
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